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More beautiful skin with Dead Sea Mud

Since ancient times, the Dead Sea mud has been used to improve human health and beauty treatment as well. The glory of this giant salt lake is so great that every year it is visited by thousands of tourists and shops all over the world offer products containing Dead Sea mud. Except for treatment of joint and bone diseases, this natural wonderoften is an ingredient in many cosmetic products. Let's see why the Dead Sea mud is useful for human skin.

1. Detoxifying action.

The mud from the Dead Sea is a great exfoliant. It acts on the skin gently and delicately, without hurtingand also frees it from accumulated toxins. By detoxifying effect of the mud could benefit all skin types. But it is especially recommended for people who suffer from acne or whose skin is oily.

2. Improves circulation.

Does your skin become red after cleaning? This should not bother you, on the contrary. Redness is a sign of increased blood circulation. The stronger inflow of blood to the skin nourishes it with additional substances and increases the oxygen in the cells as well. This also contributes to the elimination of toxins, which is very important for skin health.

3. Feeding

Certainly it seems incredible, but the Dead Sea mud contains more than 26 different minerals. Among the useful substances are sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and others. All of them are beneficial to human health. These minerals brighten and clarify the skin and also have amazing softening and moisturizing effect. It should not neglect the fact that these essential minerals penetrate into the deeper skin layers, nourish it in an incredible way as well as help its better and healthy appearance.


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