Protective Intimate Wash PH 4.5

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Bacterial imbalance and fluctuating pH level may cause itching and burning sensation, as well as an unpleasant odor. The unique pH 4.5 lotion can assist to balance the pH level of the intimate area, leaving a feeling of freshness and cleanliness with a pleasant odor throughout the day. The product contains a unique ingredient called PACS, extracted from Red Cranberries, which contributes to the protection of the intimate area and  to prevent bacteria from adhering to the body tissue. Cranberry extract contains a large amount of polyphenols, which are 2 times more effective than Vitamin C and 5 times more effective than vitamin E as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substance. The Cranberry is called   the natural antibiotic which helps to treat and prevent urinary tract infections. In addition, the soap is enriched with a pure honey extract and glycerin for increased moisture, softness and dryness prevention, as well as Aloe Vera extract to sooth the skin for preventing irritation. The product is recommended for daily use, especially during the cycle, after giving birth, as well as in cases of irritation or fungal infection.Paraben free.

Instructions of use: Put a small amount of lotion on you hand, clean the intimate area gently and rinse well under water.

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Protective Intimate Wash PH 4.5
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