Glycerin - the classic moisturizer

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Glycerin - the classic moisturizer

Glycerin - the classic moisturizer

Glycerin is one of the most popular ingredients used in cosmetics, especially in face creams. In pure form, it is a colorless, syrupy liquid that has the ability to attract and "trap" and retain moisture from the environment. This is its property used in hair and skin care. Glycerin soothes and moisturizes without the unpleasant feeling of oiliness created by oils, even the lightest ones, and it also creates an invisible protective layer against environmental aggression. In addition, unlike most components in modern cosmetics, glycerin is of natural origin. Obtained by hydrolysis of various natural fats or in other words is a by-product of soap production. Most valuable is that derived from vegetable raw materials (Vegetable Glycerin), most commonly from coconut or palm oil. Unfortunately, synthetic glycerin is used in mass cosmetics because of its lower cost.

More Benefits Of Glycerin

  • It strengthens the skin's protective barrier thus protecting it from adverse weather and air pollution.
  • Stimulates the exfoliation of dead skin. Therefore, after prolonged use of glycerin products, the skin becomes smoother and freckles lighten.
  • Makes the hair flexible and elastic, and it is especially good for curly hair.
  • Accelerates healing of the epidermis with injury or skin conditions that are associated with excess keratinization, such as psoriasis.


Glycerin can be used as an additional treatment for itchy skin.
Removal of blemishes and acne. With longer use of glycerin, it can deal with a variety of imperfections on the face. It is best to combine it with Vitamin E. The positive effect of the mixture of these two components will be more powerful than applying them individually. Glycerin is better not to bind to oils because of its own fat content. It is a little harder to use in the hot season. It is better to apply it overnight, because when used during the day, the resulting protective film may affect the quality of the makeup. Pure glycerin (100% concentrate) is not recommended for use on the skin, as it can extract a large percentage of its moisture, dry it and cause blisters.
For this reason, glycerin is good to combine with other skin softening ingredients.
A study found out that the combination of ingredients such as glycerin, dimethicone, petrolatum, fatty acids, lecithin and others in cosmetic products have a beneficial effect on the skin and reduce the appearance of dermatitis and other skin problems.
Experts believe that glycerin can be used to maintain skin homeostasis.
There are studies showing that the presence of glycerin in the intracellular layer helps other lipids in the skin to perform their biological functions better.

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