Pomegranate - a super fruit for health and beauty

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Pomegranate - a super fruit for health and beauty

Pomegranate is one of the fruits known to be extremely beneficial for the health

It contains unique compounds such as Punicalagin and Granatin A and it is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B-5) and minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, Manganese and honey.

Pomegranate is extremely rich in antioxidants, including Polyphenols such as Tannine and Anthocyane. It turns out that this bright red fruit has a much more powerful antioxidant effect than cranberry or green tea.


Pomegranate - a great source of Vitamin C

Just 100 grams of pomegranate juice will provide you with 17 % of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C. It is an essential ingredient for the health of the body, which greatly strengthens the immune system.


Pomegranate - health for the heart 

Pomegranate juice can prevent plaque formation in the blood vessels and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

There are already a number of studies that have shown that this fruit improves the blood flow to the heart for people that suffer from Ischemic Disease.The results of a study of 45 people with Myocardial Ischemia showed that participants who drank one glass of pomegranate juice daily for 3 months have significantly increased their blood flow to their heart. It has been reported that those who did not take the pomegranate juice daily had a high risk of developing Ischemic Disease. Apart from being good for the health, pomegranate has a beneficial effect on the human skin. The molecular structure of the fruit allows the compounds in it to penetrate deeply. They increase the amount of Keratinocytes that form the outermost layer of the skin. The greater the number of keratinocyte cells, the greater the skin's ability to regenerate and repair itself.


Beauty benefits of pomegranate:

1. Effects against the harmful effects of the sun.

How to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun? You can take advantage of the benefits that the oil from the seeds of the pomegranate contains. The antioxidants in this fruit protect the skin from free radicals. Pomegranate also containsoleic acid, which has been shown to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

2. Pomegranate juice against the signs of aging

One of the most important benefits of the pomegranate for the skin health is that this fruit slows the appearance of wrinkles. Pomegranate prolongs the life of cells that produce collagen and elastin. And these are the two main substances that are the key to a good and young looking skin.

3. Pomegranate seed oil against dry skin

Pomegranate seed oil handles dry skin wonderfully. It penetrates easily, acts anti-inflammatory and soothing. The antioxidants in the pomegranate breathe a new life into the dry and cracked skin.


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