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Company profile Health & Beauty

The business activity of the company Health & Beauty focuses on the production and distribution of high-quality cosmetic products. These cosmetics are made based on minerals from the Dead Sea and are enriched with vitamins, plant extracts and essential oils, which contribute to the health and youthfulness of your skin. Our credo has always been "Excellence above all". That is why we are continuously developing new products and working on the improvement and quality improvement of existing product lines. We currently offer more than 100 Dead Sea Products products, which are designed to meet the needs of women, men and children alike. Our laboratories are engaged in the research and development of innovative technologies for the purpose of expanding our cosmetic products, as well as the provision of all-encompassing solutions for every cosmetic problem. Despite the high quality of our products, we pay attention to affordable and competitive pricing. We would like to take this opportunity and personally invite you to join the circle of our customers. We are absolutely sure that you will become your enthusiastic supporter after the first trial of our cosmetics of the Dead Sea Products line, and will therefore be among the many satisfied customers of our company.

  • Our products meet the highest European standards.

  • All above mentioned items are under Brussels custom item 33.04-990/9.

  • All products are manufactured under Israel Ministry of Health license.

  • Our Plant is classified for ISO 22716:2007.

  • Country of origin: Israel.

  • All of our products are manufactured under the GMP standard and ISO 22716:2007.

  • Our company does not carry out animal experiments.

  • None of our cosmetics contains paraaminobenzoic acid.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the deepest landscape on the planet as it is 427 m below sea level. The Dead Sea is characterized by a unique climate. The completely dry, moisture-free air contains 15% more oxygen than usual, providing the human body and the brain with additional oxygen. A similar unique air, which can be found at the Dead Sea, you have certainly never breathed. Products based on Dead Sea ingredients have always been famous for their healing properties and are extremely effective in the treatment of various skin diseases. Every year, the Dead Sea offers its wonderful gifts to thousands of people who return here time and time again to enjoy this beautiful and rich mineral and healing waters. 365 days a year, the Dead Sea gives you a brightly sunny weather. In addition, the dead sea is the most saturated with salts and enriched by minerals. Only on the Dead Sea you are immediately in a position to rediscover the relaxation and inner peace. The unique water density of this sea allows you to float on the water surface without any hassle. The healing mineral mud enriched with minerals of the Dead Sea is a true health and fountain for your skin.